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American muscle cars have a long history; one of speed, style and culture that has transcended generations. The Chevrolet Camaro is one of those muscle cars which has evolved through past and present influences. Take a drive into the past with D’Arcy Chevrolet Buick Cadillac and revisit the history of the Camaro.

1st Generation: 1967-1969

Arriving September 1966, the first Chevy Camaro took the Pony Car automobile class by storm, winning the Trans-Am Championship in 1968. It was a trendsetter that immediately took the spotlight away from the Mustang.

2nd Generation: 1970-1981

The next generational unveiling came in February 1970 with a complete redesign. Drawing inspiration from European brands like Ferrari, Chevy gave the public a slightly wider and longer Camaro with a scooped-looking front end.

3rd Generation: 1982-1992

This generation drove into the car market in 1981 and carried a boxier design with inset box headlights. Modern fuel injection became a standard and the Camaro also shed some weight, dropping 500 pounds from the second generational model.

4th Generation: 1993-2002

The 4th generation appeared in 1993. Chevy moved away from the boxy look to a more rounded design.

MIA: 2003-2006

2003 brought a period of rest for the Chevy Camaro. Chevy returned to the drawing board and found inspiration in the past, manufacturing a concept Camaro in 2006.

5th Generation: 2010-2015

The complete redesign and concept Camaro of 2006 was released in 2010 with clear inspirations of the 1969 Camaro.

6th Generation: 2016 to Present

The newest generation came to us May 16th, 2015; it is a little smaller and lighter compared to the 5th generation but still shows 5th generation design influences.

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